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Heavyweight Debuts New Artist Sludge in "Blacksmith", a Grimy Industrial Experience

When you spend too much time of your life in the light, you tend to forget what lingered in the darkness you came from. For our last visit, we are heading on over to Carnage’s Heavyweight Records for “Blacksmith” the debut track for one of Heavyweight’s newest recruits Sludge. Heavyweight has been a home for a more unique and darker selection of artists since its founding in 2017, focusing primarily on heavy bass and dark hip-hop. With a lineup of misfits including Gommi, Timmy Trumpet, GRAVEDGR, and now Sludge, we can’t wait to be made uncomfortable by whatever they put out next.
If Heavyweight knows how to do anything well, it is definitely making a rather remarkable debut. Sludge’s debut with “Blacksmith” showcases Sludge’s raw talent, focusing on grimy synth work and a disturbingly uncomfortable bass line. However, the accompanying music video takes the debut to the next level of disturbing. We follow Sludge as the leader of an Eastern European extremist group who is determined to control the minds of his flock with his grimy music. Featuring scenes of torture and extremist rituals on the guise of a late 90s VHS recording, this music video is determined to make an impact as Sludge’s debut. We can tell you this now, we won’t be forgetting this any time soon.
Make sure you check out “Blacksmith” on Spotify as well as the music video on YouTube below!

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