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Chameleon Producer Marc Benjamin & DNMKG Collab Again for New Dance-Pop Track "Hooked (Ft. F51)"

The man of many production styles is back for another taste of his radio-friendly vibes. Kicking off our coverage for the weekend we are heading off to Protocol for “Hooked”, the brand new track from MiR favorite Marc Benjamin. Our veteran this time around, Marc Benjamin, decided to make his comeback on Protocol for the single reason, to flourish on the Protocol stage. Benjamin brings his impeccable taste and knowledge in production to the Protocol team, which is always a valued asset.  While Nicky Romero led Protocol Recordings has always been on the front lines of showcasing upcoming music artists, it’s refreshing to see even Protocol breaking their protocol to try something a bit more refreshing.
Marc Benjamin is an artist of many styles and colors, so we are consistently surprised to see what he brings to the table. “Hooked” is his latest radio-friendly bop, blending both dance and pop elements to craft a groovy track that we won’t be surprised to hear on the airwaves relatively soon. In their third collaboration, Benjamin recruited DNMKG to contribute subdued and calm basslines to the track, adding more to the groove factor. “Hooked” can easily find its place on your next road trip or date night playlist.
Make sure you check out “Hooked” on Spotify or YouTube below!

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Marc Benjamin


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