Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Bring To Life Timeless 90s Classic In The Form of New Single “Fuego,” with Internationally Famed Singer Kim Loaiza

Even though we’ve been looking into this industry for quite some time, we’re still surprised when a well-known act decides to try something from left field. On our latest visit over to Smash The House we are checking out “Fuego”, the latest drop from Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Kim Loaiza. Having dove deep into the world of professional music back in 2007, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were making waves almost right out of the gate. Snagging major collaborations with powerhouses like Neo, Diplo, David Guetta, and even film composer Hans Zimmer early on in their career, Dimitri & Mike made themselves known and have racked up millions upon millions of streams online. Dimitri & Mike put on absolutely killer live shows at major venues such as Tomorrowland, EXIT festival, Creamfields, EDC Las Vegas, and many more!

As lifelong fans of the versatility of Latin music, our team is always excited for any drop that has one of our featured artists diving headfirst into the Latin pool. Recruiting famed Mexican artist Kim Loaiza, Dimitri & Mike  continue to trend of reviving classic hits and updated them with a fresh coat for 2022.  While “Fuego” is a versatile dance Latin pop crossover, the track features samples from 1996’s “Coco Jamboo” by Mr. President, a monumentally well-known banger during its time. While the sample serves as inspiration and a backbone for the rest of the track, all off Dimitri & Mike’s added production as well as Loaiza’s vocal performance mold “Fuego” into a track that is perfect for the modern age.  We know that this one is going to be infecting our office and our rotation well into the weekend.

Make sure you check out “Fuego” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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