Bay Area Conscious-Rocker Andrew Thomases Releases EOY Alt-Rock Single “Outrun Evolution”

With more and more musicians being socially-conscious, the alt-rock world is starting to look even more interesting. On our latest peek into the alt-rock world we are checking out “Outrun Evolution”, the latest single from Bay Area rocker Andrew Thomases. An avid lifelong lover of music, Thomases grew up in New York City and watched as his father pursued his passion for bass guitar. Finally picking up his own guitar at the age of 12, Thomases would go on to play in multiple cover bands and perform as a DJ up until after college, when he decided to move across the country to San Francisco. Throughout the move and ever since, Thomases developed a version of “conscious rock”, where he created music that inspired his move, life experiences, and his outlook on the role of a person/human in society and the world. After spending much time in development, Thomases has written 10 fantastic tracks that explore a wide range of socially charged themes and is finally ready to show them to the rest of the world.

Ever step back and look at the big picture to ponder humankind’simpact on the world we live in? In such a short period of time, humans have come to dominate all other species on out planet. Have we outrun evolution? Is our accelerating industrialization a good thing, even with the effects to our planet? Are humans happier now that we have reached the top? These are some of the questions that came to my mind when I read “Sapians: A Brief History Of Humankind” by Yuvai Noah Harari. That book and these questions inspired me to write my latest single “Outrun Evolution.” It is a driving rock song that highlights the issues with human domination of our world. Tucked between power chords and guitar licks are cutting lyrics that focus on our drive to achieve progress at the expense of everything else, including, perhaps, our own happiness. Should we still try to Outrun Evolution?” – Andrew Thomases

While music has always been a medium for artists and musicians to ask the larger, more difficult questions of the universe, we are seeing a substantial amount rise to the surface in this day-in-age. Inspired but the novel “Sapians: A Brief History Of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari, Thomases created his latest conscious-rock banger expanding on the idea of humans being at the top of the food chain. While many artists obscure the true meaning of their lyrics behind their instrumentals and production, Thomases has no problem putting his tact lyrics front and center. At the same time though, Thomases puts his skillful guitar work on display with power chords and nonchalant guitar riffs that simply enhance his message. Have humans truly “Outrun Evolution”?

Make sure you check out the lyric video for “Outrun Evolution” on YouTube below!

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