Triple Threat Amber Ryann Full Embraces The World of Pop Punk In New Single “FALL APART”

There are a few artists that don;t know how to best utilize their skill set, and then there are those who pride themselves on figuring it out as they move forward. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “FALL APART”, the latest drop from Amber Ryann. Finding comfort in the world of music at a very young age, Ryann began creating her own music in some form once she was able to understand the world around her. Her unique sound comes from an interesting amalgamation of influences, from her dad’s interest of hip-hop, her mother’s with 90’s R&B, as well as the emerging 2000s punk, emo, and hardcore scene that grew around her in her teens. Also as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Ryann learned how to express herself and her intimate thoughts in a way that she could add to her melting pot. Since making the step down the professional music path, Ryann has caught the attention os many tastemakers and Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds, Alternative Hip-Hop, SALT, and ‘fit check! Ryann even created a brand new showcase for rising stars online called the Underrated Artist Session, which has evolved into a digital platform consisting of music listeners who care about artist discovery.

With more and more artists willing to break the mold and dive into the world of indie pop-fueled punk music, we are finally starting to see more creative stretching their wings and carving out their own niche.  Even though “FALL APART” is the latest addition to Ryann’s catalog, it’s another stepping stone on Ryann’s full embracement of pop-punk as the main style. While the track starts out with slight electropop vibes led by a pop-punk guitar riff, the track strings the listener along until it truly “falls apart”. Ryann transforms the track from a modern electro pop-punk gem into a therapeutical session, using real-life conversations to bookend the track itself. This takes “FALL APART” to the next level, adding a surprising level of realism that helps the listen take a bit more meaning from the song and Ryann’s background.

Make sure you check out “FALL APART” on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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