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Shoffy Drops New Upbeat Dance Pop Single “Love Ya”, Positive Vibes Flowing Throughout New York!

Electronic and dance covers such a wide spectrum of music and the more you explore this spectrum for yourself the wider your scope becomes. On our latest visit to the electronic pool we are checking out “Love Ya”, a brand new drop from Shoffy. A versatile multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Shoffy is a refreshing newer addition to the New York indie scene. Focusing on blending electronics with feel-good pop, Shoffy has already started picking up speed and support from major tastemakers including The Fader, Billboard Magazine, Idolator, and Clash Magazine. Shoffy has also already charted on Billboard US Top 40 Radio as well as Spotify Viral charts, which led to headling two national tours. Yeah, Shoffy is already a bid deal and if you aren’t paying attention to this hybrid artist, you’re missing out.

 “This was a fun one to make. Upbeat dance/electronic vibes, and sort of a throwback to the dance stuff I grew up listening to. It’s really a feel good song to me, and I hope it just makes you want to dance and enjoy the carefree summer months. I wrote and produced this one – stoked how all the synth parts and chords came together.” – Shoffy

After all of the darker and bass-heavy singles we’ve been listening to all week, we are in desperate need of a dose of Shoffy’s upbeat vibes. The latest single to come out of Shoffy’s camp, “Love Ya” is a positive vibes only electronica song that serves as a throwback to the music that introduced us early on in our EDM introduction. Blending indie beats with electronica melodies, this track showcases Shoffy’s chameleon-like skills as a producer, since he isn’t penciled into a single genre box. Even though Shoffy still maintains a pop music backbone, there is no doubt that he is going to stretch his creative wings a soar through the skies until he can land on the right combination that intrigues him. With “Love Ya” being only the 2nd single from his upcoming Nightmares in NYC album, we can’t wait to continue to watch as this album develops in front of our eyes.

Make sure you check out “Love Ya” on Spotify below!

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