Zach Degaetano Announces New Solo Project zach404 + Shares Debut Single “pretty girl from the internet”

If you still don’t think that TikTok has changed the modern music game, you’re in denial. On our latest visit to the indie world we are checking out “pretty girl from the Internet”, a new single from zach404. There are artists out there in the scene that are completely satisfied with writing for other artists, but then there are those who are ready to make the jump to the other side. Created by songwriter Zach DeGaetano, zach404 came to fruition during off days spent in hotel and green rooms while on tour with Tate McRae. While Zach primarily writes traditionally for other artists, he uses zach404 to do everything out of the traditional format.  Hopping genres and skipping second verses, zach404 is completely ready to take the alternative path and dive into the artist’s journey himself.

“Have ever had a crush on someone who is so out of your league it almost feels like a personal attack? This song is about that except you somehow charmed this person into liking you back (for now).” – zach404

We have to admit when “pretty girl from the Internet” wormed its way into our inbox, we thought that it was going to be an entirely different song than what it turned out to be. With everyone trying to make a song to grab ahold of that Tik Tok energy and completely break any expectations set in place, we thought this might just be another one of those in an alt-rock skin. However, “pretty girl from the internet” might just be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as the amount of energy and alternative flair that is contained within the track’s single-minute run time is impressive. This single definitely has all of the markings of a modern-day, loopable, debut single, and we need to take a minute to welcome zach404 over to the artist side of music.

Make sure you check out “pretty girl from the Internet” on Spotify below!

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