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The Madame Has Taken The Stage…Madame Daley Releases Crowd-Funded Debut EP “Classic”

Today’s artist is a ringleader of the rock n roll circus, bleeding old-school Hollywood vibes and glam rock. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out Classic, the debut EP from Madame Daley. Created by instrumentalist Madison Daley, the Madame Daley moniker the newest persona of Madison’s career as an evolving artist. Originally hailing from the sunshine state, Madame migrated to the NYC music scene all the way back in 2015.  After graduating with a degree in Music Business from the University of Colorado Denver, Madame officially made NY her home and began performing in theatrical productions, writing her own music, working as a staff photographer, and creating film projects. Thanks to Madame’s avid fanbase and  Plaid Dog Recording in Boston, Daley crowdfunded her debut single “Annie, Sing Your Heart Out Anyway” in early 2020. This led to additional funding for the rest of Classic in the fall of 2021. Madame even joined forces with three NYC-based musicians to form the Starchild Band, a brand new woman and lgtbtq+ band that began performing in May 2022. 

“In my head, I had always wanted to write music that was meant to be performed live. I view concerts as theater, so I wanted my identity as an artist to be show-worthy…combine that with my love of camp, drag, glam rock and a bit of inspiration from Ziggy Stardust and you’ve got the beginnings of my Madame Daley persona and the Classic EP. Many people would be surprised to find that the person behind an over the top, flashy, self-proclaimed glam rock goddess has spent most of her life being somewhat shy and anxious. That’s why Madison and the Madame are two different people. I find confidence and power on the stage that doesn’t always exist in my daily life. The Madame is the personification of that confidence and charisma. She is unapologetically herself: boas, sequins, glitter and all. My sense of style and fashion has always been an important way of expression for me and when people say, “How do you pull that off? I could never do that.” I respond: “You put it on and you tell yourself ‘I’m pulling this off’.”  I hope that people can listen to my music and see our shows and can give themself the permission, just as Madame Daley does, to be their complete- weird- messy- colorful- wonderful self.” – Madame Daley

When an artist like The Madame can blend old-school sounds with modern production, they are definitely going to catch our attention. Having teased Classic over the last two years, Madame has been slowly introducing her glam rock meets modern alt-rock sound to the masses. When you develop a style like that, you also have to quickly adapt and take notes from masters of live shows like Madame, especially after she was able to consistently book shows throughout the pandemic. Now that Classic is out on the airwaves, we are finally able to see Madame fully in her element and showcasing her glam rock persona on a much larger stage. While this is the first step for The Madame, we seriously can’t wait for her to continue to blossom as an artist and creative force to be reckoned with.

Make sure you check out Classic – EP on Spotify below!

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