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Bass Music Producer VEIL Transports You To A New Dimension in New Liquid EP “NETHERWORLDS”

With the amount of anonymity that one can have in the creative process nowadays, we’re seeing more and more artists choose to personally stay out of the spotlight and let their new persona take the stage. On our latest visit over to WAKAAN we are checking out NETHERWORLDS, a brand new EP from VEIL. A purely creative force guarded by a hidden barrier, VEIL is a highly talented producer with a knack for enticing sound design. Originally traveling around the world and performing as her SpacegeishA project, she has since gained enough strength and confidence to fully embrace her entire production process. VEIL’s skillset is like beautifully refined and organized chaos, blending together elements from dubstep, drum and bass, halftime, and leftfield. Just understand one thing, once you start traveling down one of VEIL’s paradigm shifts, we can’t guarantee your safe return.

NETHERWORLDS is a moment to remember all the overlap in worlds, in perspectives, in beliefs, in all. Thank you for the collaboration; 5/9 for making this story come to life visually, syrenn for her potent flow, HerShe for her beatbox and beat making skills, WAKAAN for their trust.” – VEIL

The more we fully embrace bass music as a part of ourselves and a new full facet of our coverage, the more we start to appreciate the finer details. With VEIL still riding high off her IXXI EP, VEIL makes her triumphant return to WAKAAN to entice and wow listeners once more from behind the veil. Consisting of four tracks in total, NETHERWORLDS is an unworldly project that feels like we’ve been transported to another dimension. The EP showcases VEIL’s detailed sound design, as throughout each song we can hear the finer atmospheric tones, each building out this twisted and surreal soundscape VEIL prepared for us. While our personal stand-out is “Bad Habits” Ft. Syrenn, as the track allows VEIL to put a wider skillset on display as Syrenn spits bars that are to die for.  Regardless, if you are a bass music found who appreciates the nuances of sound design, it is time to dive into the NETHERWORLDS

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