RayRay Releases Ethereal, Bass-Driven Debut Studio Album “Unearthly World.” Out Now on Barong Family

Within the current landscape that is electronic music, it always catches us off guard when an artist we’ve written about multiple times finally hits that milestone of a debut album. With singles and EPs the new norm, they are just that much more uncommon. ON our latest visit to Barong Family we are checking out Unearthly World, the latest drop from RayRay. An incredibly talented Taiwanese producer, RayRay has been making waves over on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family. Officially joining their roster back in 2018, RayRay has since performed during major festivals such as ADE and SXSW. She is no stranger to Protocol either, as she already worked with Marc Benjamin on “My Swag”.Now with plenty of singles under her belt, RayRay is primed and ready to release her debut album and has an initial appetizer for the audience.

Unearthly‘ can have a very vague meaning, but I wanted to highlight the fact that it’s a milestone release for me that sonically and aesthetically exists in the same dimension as my previous releases such as EPs – ‘Purple Alien,’ ‘Alien Invasion‘ and ‘Alien Mutation,’ among others. With ‘Unearthly World,’ I want to give the listeners and my fans a diversified body of work that stimulates their imagination with a wide range of music genres and invites them to my own unearthly world of RayRay as a seasoned music producer and a singer.” – RayRay

Since RayRay is no stranger to Modern Neon, we swear that initial news of Unearthly World actually confused us at first. We the amount of success RayRay has already generated in her career so far, we genuinely thought we were past the whole “debut album” milestone. Regardless, for fans of RayRay and her hybrid style of bass, trap, and dubstep, Unearthly World is a pleasant surprise to enhance your holiday weekend.  Throughout the album’s ten tracks, listeners follow RayRay as she worms and contorts her way through dubstep to trap to melodic, house, and hardstyle with such ease that RayRay appears as a production monster to not be messed with. We don’t showcase enough artists from RayRay’s native Taiwan, but Unearthly World makes us want to dive into the scene ourselves and see what other gems lie just waiting for a treasure hunter.

Make sure you check out Unearthly World on Spotify below!

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