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Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) A Faustian Contract

Hello everybody!
Welcome back to Anime Wednesday (Which I really need a new title for). This week I will be reviewing Black Butler a.k.a. Kuroshitsuji.


GENRE: Action, Black Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Supernatural

DIRECTOR: Toshiya Shinohara


NUMBER OF EPISODES: Twenty four and one OVA

YEAR: 2008-2009


Black Butler follows the adventures of Ciel Phantomhive, head of the Phantomhive household and CEO of Funtom Company, and his demon butler Sebastian. Ciel is known as the “Queen’s Guard Dog”, cleaning up the Underworld under the nose of Scotland Yard. Over the initial run of the show, we follow Ciel and Sebastian as they try to hunt down the murderer of Ciel’s parents.

Alright, here is the basis of the story. *SOME SPOILERS MAY FOLLOW* The main story begins on Ciel’s 10th birthday. That night the Phantomhive mansion is burned down in an attempt to murder the entire Phantomhive family. Ciel, barely surviving, disappears and accidently summons the demon Sebastian. Ciel and Srbastian make a Faustian contract to avenge Ciel’s parents’ deaths.

I was hesitant to watch Black Butler for the longest time, as Netflix’s description was not very descriptive about the plot. I was initially going to stop after the first episode (thinking it was too slow for me) but I decided to give it another chance. Once you get interested in the characters the show becomes enjoyable. Sebastian is merely one hell of a butler. A Phantomhive butler who can’t do anything isn’t worth his salt.

Alright, now the cons. As I stated above, the show initially drags on and is somewhat difficult to watch. Also for the first half of the show, you will find Ciel Phantomhive absolutely irritating. One more warning, I suggest watching Black Butler in the English sub. The English dub voices are horrendous.


  • Intriguing Story.
  • Sebastian is a bad ass.
  • Likable supporting cast.
  • Beautiful animation.


  • Ciel Phantomhive is irritating as shit.
  • Some ridiculous villains.
  • Why does every anime set in the UK have an arc with Jack the Ripper?

SCORE: 8.0 / 10

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