Oakland’s FOG LAMP Drop Haunting Synthpunk LP with Video-Single “You Prove Yourself Wrong”

When we have the chance to support one of our local eccentric acts, you know we’re going to jump at it. On our latest peek at the synthpunk scene we are checking out “Anxious Stargazing”, the newest LP from Fog Lamp. Fog Lamp, a mesmerizing synth-punk trio hailing from Oakland, has been stirring hearts and minds with their unique sound since 2022. With Aaron’s captivating vocals, Leslie’s entrancing synthesizers, and Adam’s dynamic guitar and drum work, the trio effortlessly blends cyberpunk, goth, and cold wave influences into a haunting and evocative sonic journey. Despite their growing success, Fog Lamp remains true to their roots, fueled by a genuine passion for their craft and a desire to connect with their audience on a deeply human level. Their latest album, “Anxious Stargazing,” is a testament to their artistry, offering listeners a chance to explore the darkest corners of the human psyche through mesmerizing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. As they embark on a journey beyond the Bay Area music scene, Fog Lamp invites listeners to join them on a captivating exploration of discordant beauty and industrial energy.

“We played some great shows in 2023, I like to pick up things in DIY spaces and dance with them. We played at a vintage clothing store and danced with a woman’s boot covering my hand. We used it to twirl around the Valentine’s Day flowers that were hanging from the ceiling. We also opened for some great bands including Combo, Warp, and Sick Thoughts.” – Fog Lamp

Fog Lamp, the pioneering synth-punk outfit from Oakland, California, has solidified its presence in the music scene with the release of their sophomore album, “Anxious Stargazing,” under The Bucket Records. Renowned for their refusal to conform to traditional norms, the band’s decision to incorporate a drum machine in lieu of a drummer reflects their fearless commitment to pushing boundaries. Since their introduction by Willow House Records in 2022, Fog Lamp has garnered acclaim for their discordant arrangements and introspective lyricism, further cementing their position in the Bay Area punk scene with their latest release.

Their latest single, “You Prove Yourself Wrong,” accompanied by a visually striking music video, serves as a testament to Fog Lamp’s innovative spirit. Directed by cinematographers Paul Abueg-Igaz and Niki Selken, the video transcends genre boundaries, blending cyberpunk, darkwave, and goth influences to create a visually immersive experience. Against the backdrop of Fog Lamp’s electrifying live performances, scenes featuring technicolor skeletons and ethereal imagery captivate viewers, challenging perceptions and beckoning them on a journey through the depths of imagination. “You Prove Yourself Wrong” promises an unforgettable experience that defies expectations and showcases Fog Lamp’s ability to push artistic boundaries in the realm of synthpunk.

Make sure you check out “You Prove Yourself Wrong” on YouTube below and the full Anxious Stargazing LP on Spotify!

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