Chloe Star Shares Anthemic New Single “Wasted Youth”

Every time that today’s artist comes knocking, we’re excited to put our phone down and answer. On our latest peek into the pop world we are checking out “Wasted Youth”, the latest drop from Chloe Star. Chloe Star, a Persian and Indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist, and tribal advocate, navigates her artistic journey with a unique blend of cultural influences and personal resilience. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino, Chloe found solace in journaling and poetry during a childhood marked by chaos. Self-taught in piano and guitar, she transformed her prose into lyrics, leading to her official debut in 2023. Recognized by influential tastemakers like EUPHORIA, EARMILK, and Unpublished Magazine, Chloe Star is a rising artist with a dedicated online fanbase. Beyond her musical talent, she intertwines her Indigenous heritage into her advocacy work, using her platform to raise awareness about tribal issues, making her not only a promising artist but also a symbol of empowerment and cultural pride.

This song is about my experience going through that program, but it’s also a song that brings light to the fact that if I hadn’t been sent there, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” she says. “Without it, I wouldn’t be able to share my story and open the door for others to share their stories.” – Chloe Star

Chloe Star’s latest single, “Wasted Youth,” emerges as a bold and evocative anthem that showcases her unapologetic artistry and personal journey. Through a fusion of pop, rock, and punk elements, the song explodes into a full-throttle expression of resilience and self-discovery. Opening with a captivating distorted guitar riff, Chloe’s candid lyrics delve into her experience at a wilderness treatment program during her teenage years, offering a raw and vulnerable glimpse into the challenges she faced and the growth she achieved. However, “Wasted Youth” transcends mere introspection, serving as a powerful beacon of empowerment for listeners. By embracing her identity as an openly queer artist and advocating for female empowerment, Chloe amplifies marginalized voices and creates a space for others to share their stories, ultimately solidifying her status as a modern-day rockstar whose music not only entertains but also inspires and empowers audiences worldwide.

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