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The Chicago-based Creator Xavi Returns to Lost In Dreams With “Sequel”, His First Standalone Single

Now that everything is starting to warm up for Spring, producers are dusting off the snow and ready to embrace the newfound warmth. On our latest visit to Lost in Dreams we are checking out “Sequel”, the latest from Xavi. Chicago-based electronic artist Xavi has garnered attention for his emotionally resonant music, blending various genres including melodic dubstep, electronica, trap, melodic bass, ambient, and experimental pop. With upcoming performances scheduled at Lost In Dreams festival and Beyond Wonderland Chicago, Xavi’s live sets promise to build upon his impressive track record, which includes supporting Seven Lions on the ‘Pantheon’ Tour and playing at renowned events like Nocturnal Wonderland. Additionally, he has opened for esteemed acts such as ARMNHMR, showcasing his ability to command the stage and captivate audiences with his dynamic sound. Xavi’s latest release, “Sequel,” further exemplifies his innovative approach, blending emo influences with inventive electronic elements to create a profoundly emotive listening experience. With each performance and release, Xavi solidifies his position as a visionary artist within the electronic music landscape, pushing boundaries and forging genuine connections with his audience through his evocative sonic creations.

“‘Sequel’ was a song made to be a release of emotion, and the wall of sound behind this track emphasizes its hard energy. I hope the song sounds like a release, a burst of raw feeling as its drop hits the listener. Lost in Dreams is a dream label of mine, and holds both artists that inspire me and artists I consider good friends on their roster. I’m honored to join them.” – Xavi

Xavi makes a triumphant return to Lost In Dreams with his latest single, “Sequel,” a poignant ballad that showcases his mastery of emotive dance music. Following his previous successes with tracks like “Justwanna” and a remix of Taylor Kade’s “Love You Like That,” “Sequel” marks Xavi’s first standalone release with the label. The track begins with a minimalistic introduction, enveloping listeners in waves of distortion before opening up to impassioned vocals that intertwine nostalgia and raw emotion, drawing inspiration from Midwest emo. Ethereal melodies and oscillating vox synths add depth, leading into powerful drops filled with melodic bass and fuzzy distortion, providing a cathartic release. Choppy breaks and a reflective outro further amplify the impact of the raw vocals, solidifying “Sequel” as a captivating journey through the realms of emotional dance music, reaffirming Xavi’s position as a formidable artist within the electronic music scene.

Make sure you check out “Sequel” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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