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Introducing Indigineous Singer Songwriter Chloe Star, Debut Single “Element” Out Now

The more a listener dives into the more niche corners of a genre, the brighter a spotlight shines on those who have a higher chance of looking over. On out latest exploration of the indie world we are checking out “Element”, the debut single of Chloe Star. Finally taking the official plunce into the professional world of music, Chloe Star is an an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate. Splitting her time between growing up in Los Angeles and her tribal reservation in San Bernadino, Chloe Star found solace in writing poetry in order to excape from her chaotic childhood. After spending the last few years honing her sound, Chloe Star is primed and ready to officially drop her debut single and get the ball rolling.

 “It’s a song about me just being in my element,” says Chloe. “My element is all about confidence, strength, not giving a flying fuck about anything, constantly pushing the limit, living life on the edge, and enjoying every moment that life throws at you.” – Chloe Star

We want to put this out into the univeser right from the get go, we have an influx of indie artists that are using the first few weeks of the new year to launch their new music careers, so we initially took one look and put “Element” on the back-burner in case of any regulars happened to drop by. However, once we actually kicked our feet up and pushed play, we were suprised at Chloe Star and intrigued by her story that we couldn’t not shine our mini spotlight on her work.Instead of just being another dakr pop song, Chloe Star struck the right combination of sing-song vocals with trap-esque beats that take “Element” and allow it to blossom as a track.  “Element” is jus the initial tease of Chloe Star’s career as a musician, with a full EP due out for release later this year.

Make sure you check out “Element” on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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