Violinist Maya Killtron Drops “The Middle” New Modern Boogie Single That We Need Right Now


It is not often that a multi-instrumental violinist ends up in our feed, we must take some time and explore. One of the latest intriguing products to come out of the growing Toronto indie scene, today we are checking out “The Middle”, the latest track released from violinist Maya Killtron. Coming fresh off the heels of her latest 2020 EP Fired UpMaya has been quickly making a name for herself and push her to the forefront due to her unique style. Maya has dropped release after release, giving us a more-poppy variation of the Lindsey Stirling treatment. Despite the fact the world is out of order at the moment, Maya has plenty of plans for the rest of 2020. She already even created her own independent label, now known as Never Dance Alone Records.

We have always been a fan of music that reaches out and crosses genre lines,  especially when it includes classical music. Maya takes advantage of her unique skill set to create pop music that actually doesn’t sound manufactured. “The Middle” is an enjoyable departure to what we have been listening to recently, showing just how addictive and useful the violin is in today’s music scene when it’s outside of its element. If you need more from Maya, make sure you check out her latest Fired Up EP! The EP features live selections performed by a long list of musicians that each add their own style into the mix. We want to applaud you Maya, you remind us just how much we love boogie and funk music even if our tastes have grown. Also, reach out to Atlus, your music sounds perfect to fit within a Persona game.

Make sure you check out “The Middle” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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Maya Killtron

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