2ND FEATUREAmbientBass MusicElectronicGravitas Recordings

ETHNO Prepares Full Debut EP With Gravitas, Drops Surreal World Bass Single “Leaf Water”

While we’ve been mainly spending our time with electronic music this summer in the clubs, we still have been keeping an eye on the experimental scene. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out “Leaf Water”, the …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientElectronic

Barron Drops Uplifting yet Mystifying New Single “Divinity”

There is one key aspect of the dance music world that we enjoy beyond anything else, and it is just the thrill and enjoyment in created music. On our latest peek into the indie dance world we are checking out …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientElectronicExperimentalIndependent

LoTemp Continues Their Exploration of Downtempo in New EP “Creativity Takes Courage”

A producer needs to grow, innovate, and continue to exolve with the times as their niche develops. On our latest visit to the electronic pool we are checking out Creativity Takes Courage, the latest drop from LoTemp. Hailing from …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientElectronicExperimentalSSKWAN

SSKWAN’s Label Boss Liquid Stranger Experiments With Free Form Bass in New “Unity” EP

Things don’t always appear the same at a brother label, this is where soundscapes are crafted. On our latest visit to SSKWAN we are checking out Unity, the newest EP from label boss Liquid Stranger. There aren’t many producers out …

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AmbientBass MusicElectronicExperimentalIndependent

Experimental Producer Floret Loret Releases New Solar-Charged Single “SolarBeam”

Just peeling back one layer of the experimental music world and you will start to find plenty of unique talents to fit your needs. On our latest dive into the experimental world we are checking out “Solarbeam”, the latest drop …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientBass MusicElectronicExperimentalIndependent

Finnish Producer Axel Thesleff Teases an Exciting Year with “Take Me There”, Infuse All the Genres!

In today’s day in age, what kind of fun is it to restrict yourself to making music in only one genre? On our latest peek into the electronic world we are checking out “Take Me There”, the latest single from …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientBass MusicElectronicHigh Vibe Records

Akriza Harnesses the Beautiful Elegance and Power of Spring in New Single “Bloom”

While we have always had an appreciation for the creative influence of nature, the more we explore bass musicians like today’s producer our bond is strengthened. On our latest visit over to High Vibe Records we are checking out “Bloom”, …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientElectronicExperimental

Insane! Multi-Instrumentalist Zafrir Joins Purple Fly For Hypnotic EDM Journey “Digital Culture” EP

There are many artists that are popping out of the woodwork with multiple instruments under their belt, but probably not as many as today’s artist. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out Digital Culture, …

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2ND FEATUREAmbientElectronicExperimentalGravitas Recordings

Genre-Bending Project Grand Tapestry Fuses Indian Instrumentals + Hip Hop In New “Tides: Remixed”

While we recognize every artist/producer in their attempts to tweak the formulas of their chosen genres, there aren’t many projects that wow us like today’s pick. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we were able to check out Tides:

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2ND FEATUREAmbientBass MusicElectronicExperimentalGravitas Recordings

David Starfire Returns to Gravitas With Colossal Global Bass Compilation “Portal: Curated By David Starfire”

Frankly, we don’t cover enough compilations here at Modern Neon and it is about time we fixed that. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we were able to check out Portal, the newest compilation from David Starfire. If …

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