Newcomer Khanvict Drops Surreal and Beautiful, Electric Bollywood "Kahani EP"

Now this is definitely a market that we don’t get to thrive in very often. Our newest addition to the MiR family, today we are checking out the brand new Kahani EP from Pakistani producer Khanvict. Born in Pakistan yet …

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Rise into the Ethereal With Apollo’s New Album “SkyDive”

It is quite rare that we take an album like this and put it under the microscope. Right smack in this work week we bring you the latest from newcomer Apollo, who brings up his metaphysical album SkyDive While Apollo …

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NEW SINGLE: Notaker Releases “Born in the Flames” Over On Armada

Here at Media in Review, we like to welcome back artists as they continue to grow and flourish. This week we have Notaker, who played us like a fiddle with “Shimmer” early last month. Notaker has since continued …

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New EP Alert: Liquid Stranger Releases New “Weird and Wonderful” EP


Here it is, the follow up from the unique producer Liquid Stranger. A producer with a rather interesting style to say the least, Liquid Stranger often borders the line of avant-garde. Despite his unique style Liquid appeals to audiences all …

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New Album “Cent Soleils” Brought to You by Swiss Electronic Artist Larmheim

What makes the world of EDM special is experimentation. A relative newcomer to the professional world of EDM, this Swiss producer Laermheim is the embodiment of experimentation with computer music.  He brings us his first experimental LP, titled Cent Soleils
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We’re “Back to the Battlefield” with Max Rael’s Raelism


Hello everyone! Media in Review is back with another music release for you (We sure are doing quite a bit of those aren’t we?). Its time to check out the second EP release from Max Rael’s newest project Raelism. “Back …

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