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SSKWAN’s Label Boss Liquid Stranger Experiments With Free Form Bass in New “Unity” EP

Things don’t always appear the same at a brother label, this is where soundscapes are crafted. On our latest visit to SSKWAN we are checking out Unity, the newest EP from label boss Liquid Stranger. There aren’t many producers out in the scene right now that embody the concept of fluidity and have made their name in the practice quite like Liquid Stranger. Our mainstay producer in today’s modern EDM scene, Liquid Stranger makes it completely known upfront that if you are going to partake in a Liquid Stranger experience, you better prepare yourself for a genre-bending mind-meld. Definitely no stranger to the ever-evolving bass music scene, Liquid Stranger has performed at many of the most innovative and forward-thinking festivals on the circuit. While many would classify Liquid Stranger as a heavy dubstep artist, he utilizes genre tags as tools for his musical storytelling. This allows him to seamlessly move in and out of genres as he pleases, all while having his dedicated audience and open-minded listeners along for the ride.

Definitely no stranger to the world of downtempo and ambient electronic music, Unity serves as a unifying showcase for listeners that Liquid Stranger is a driving force in modern-day downtempo. Riding high off the momentum from Unity’s first ragga-influenced single “Smoke N Hope”, Liquid Stranger takes a departure from his more bass-heavy discography in order to truly experiment once again. While the EP still features Liquid Stranger’s signature low-end basslines, Unity‘s primary focus is on building freeform instrumentals and pushing that freeform onto center stage. Over the course of five tracks, be prepared to experience drastically different soundscapes and audible journies, all courtesy of Liquid Stranger. 

Make sure you check out UNITY on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platforms!

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