Protocol’s Souvenyr, DØBER, and Mila Falls Join Forces For Chill Single “Explain To Me”

Multiple minds may not always make the best results, but when artists find that connection you don’t want to lose it. On this recent trip over to Protocol we checked out “Explain To Me”, the latest drop from Souvenyr, DØBER, and Mila Falls. Protocol continues to impress us with their collection, continually expanding their offerings with a wide variety of styles. With DØBER officially debuting on the label, his tech-house production is a much-needed addition to the roster and providing a break from the progressive. Now that DØBER found his place in the roster, there are plenty of other producers and artists ready and waiting for this tech-house newcomer. Multi-instrumentalist Souvenyr makes his official Protocol debut with this latest single adding another notch on his belt of career highlights, Souvenyr is professionally trained with multiple instruments and has worked with artists such as Linda Király, Alessia Labate, x.o.anne, and Curtis Richardson

While we normally would expect a variant of progressive house music, or something underneath a similar umbrella,  from the Protocol roster, they do break out of their pigeonhole every once in a while. Souvenyr and DØBER  layer each of their contributions to complement one another, not stepping on each other’s toes. “Explain To Me” marks a major turning point in DØBER’s career as he continues to leave his original sound behind to experiment and explore a more mellow and chill style that makes for easier listening. The initial melodies entice the listener to join our performers along for the ride, and then quickly melt away. Seeing the opportunity, the groovy bassline and instrumentals take center stage alongside vocalist Mila Falls to take the track all the way home. When blending both newbies and veterans from Protocol, the results are definitely intriguing.

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