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LoTemp Continues Their Exploration of Downtempo in New EP “Creativity Takes Courage”

A producer needs to grow, innovate, and continue to exolve with the times as their niche develops. On our latest visit to the electronic pool we are checking out Creativity Takes Courage, the latest drop from LoTemp. Hailing from Kansas City, musicians Dylan Hochandel and Cody Hannah formed LoTemp all the way back in the free-form days of 2017. Thriving in the early days of this modern bass music movement, LoTemp has dropped releases SurRealist Records, Wtf’s That Sound, and SpicyBois just to name a few. However, duo has also snagged performances at the Wakaan Music Festival, Kosmic Kingdom, Dancefestopia, and with many more to come. When LoTemp isn’t busy performing are crafting in the studio, they also run the ZOOKS events production company where they aid and nurture the KCMO underground scene. Whether you’re looking at the talent or the technology behind the curtain, LoTemp is definitely not far away. 

Throughout our continued journey into the world of experimental, there are only a handful of producers, LoTemp included, who we are treated to witness a similar public journey in action. The last time we checked in with LoTemp, they slid into our DMs to showcase their more bass-heavy trap-inspired style to bass music. However, through Creativity Takes Courage, we as listeners can witness LoTemp’s personal exploration of downtempo and the constriction of ambient soundscapes. While it isn’t necessarily as free-form or spatial as we prefer downtempo, each of the three tracks embodies some of LoTemp’s previous bass music roots with a paint coat of downtempo. This EP follows LoTemp’s initial downtempo journey on YouTube in September of 2020, which originally aired via WTF’s That Sound & Subciety’s ‘Disphotic Zone’ virtual festival. With Creativity Takes Courage being the first multi-track release for the duo is a handful of years, we’re excited to see how this blossoms throughout the rest of 2023. 

Make sure you check out Creativity Takes Courage on Spotify below!

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