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Irish Star LYRA Unveils Self-Title Debut Album

Throughout our travels with Modern Neon, we’ve explored musicians and artists from many different regions of the world, except half of our hereditary homeland. Let’s fix that. On our latest peek into the music world we are checking out LYRA, the self-titled debut album from LYRA. LYRA’s musical journey is a dazzling odyssey marked by a string of notable appearances on iconic shows like Ireland’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, and The Late Late Show. Her magnetic presence extends beyond television screens, with her music gracing popular series such as Grey’s Anatomy and Love Island. Commanding sold-out live performances and sharing stages with industry giants like Pink and Sting, Lyra seamlessly blends intense musicality with a radiant personality, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

Under the mentorship of manager Caroline Downey and acclaimed producer Burns, LYRA’s relocation to London and signing with Polydor marked the genesis of a new chapter in her career. Collaborating with industry luminaries in Max Martin’s LA studio, she embarked on a journey of musical exploration, resulting in an album poised to redefine her artistry. With an irrepressible spirit and a belief that her best is yet to come, LYRA’s journey is not merely a culmination of past achievements but a bold declaration of the limitless potential that lies ahead.

“When I began writing music, I aimed for a specific style. But as I started developing, I wanted to write a ballad when I was heartbroken, or an irreverent song when I had a one-night stand, or an upbeat song about going on the lash with my friends and dancing until three am. To me, music should be fun and evoke different emotions, and you’re not going to do that through one sound.”

LYRA, hailing from Cork, shares her debut self-titled album, a heartfelt expression of her musical and personal evolution. Penned across the vibrant landscapes of Los Angeles and London, the album’s 14 tracks offer a rich tapestry of sound, ranging from the moody introspection of “Chess” to the dreamy allure of the radio-friendly “Falling” and the infectious energy of “Lovers.” With her captivating vocals, LYRA effortlessly delves into the depths of human emotion, infusing each lyric with genuine sincerity and authenticity. Embracing a diverse range of influences, she breaks free from genre constraints, capturing the full spectrum of life’s experiences from heartache to moments of unapologetic joy. Through her music, LYRA invites listeners into her world, where vulnerability and empowerment coexist, weaving a narrative that resonates with the rawness and beauty of being human.

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