Electric Hawk’s eyezic & Tyrez Drop New House + Bass Infused Single “Surrender”

Even though as a producer you find yourself thriving in one genre where you truly know the ins and outs, even a quick injection can enhance your tried and true method. On our latest visit over to Electric Hawk we are checking out “Surrender”, the newest single from eyezic and Tyraz. Originally created by Christian Rodriguez, eyezic is a DJ/producing project currently making waves in the future bass world out of Arlington, VA. While his multi-instrumentalist grandfather Isaac instilled a love of music into eyezic at a young age, it wasn’t until a life-altering knee injury lit the furnace that is eyezic’s passion for music. While eyezic thrives in the future bass realm, his high energy production allows him to be fluid in his style and entrance audiences across the spectrum. eyezic is already starting to see some success, with his remix of Seven Lions’ smash hit, “Only Now,” was placed in the Top 50 of Soundcloud’s ‘Up and Coming Tracks of Edm and Dance’ playlist!

I connected with Alex (Tyraz) through twitter as we shared our admiration of The Legend of Zelda. We talked about everything regarding the upcoming games and so forth. We then landed into the topic of house music and how we thought it would be fun to make something together. I (eyezic) had opened up ableton and came up with the melodies that compliment the grittiness that tyraz brings with his powerful one shot bass and groovy bass-line. The project really finished in a matter of days, and the tune has gotten a lot of positive feedback since then. We are so happy to have this out.” –eyezic

Now with the assistance of Tyraz, eyezic is ready to premiere the latest version of his future bass sound to the masses. The latest addition to the eyezic camp, “Surrender” features the standard positive and high energy that we expect from eyezic, now with a darker twist. After adding Tyraz’s beats into the fray, these two producers combine elements from both house and bass music to give the track a slightly more sinister undertone. Heavily influenced by the work of producer Medasin, eyezic utilized heavily distorted vocal chops and minimal bass line to drive the track forward and almost guide the listener to embrace the energy that the track offers them. While this track could have been a solid future bass single, Tyraz’s injection of more bass-focued sounds transforms the track into its own beast.

Make sure you check out “Surrender” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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Spotify | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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