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After Plenty of Teasing, Floret Loret Returns to Gravitas For New Album “Tales From the Terrarium”

Even if it takes you some time to put the wheels in motion, that idea that might just be fluttering on the horizon could be your next big win. On our latest visit to Gravitas we are checking out Tales From the Terrarium, the latest album from Floret Loret. If you put the current ambient and experimental music scene under the microscope, you have no doubt heard of Floret Loret. Since hitting major momentum back in 2020, Floret Loret is cementing his place in the bass music world with his heavier ambient bass style. Other producers and labels have taken notice, as Floret Loret had a successful collaboration with Zed’s Dead and a growing discography across Electric Hawk REcords, Bonsai Collective, Bassrush Records, Gravitas Records, mau5trap, and Quality Goods Records.

“This album revolves around the theme of rebirth and self-discovery in the face of challenges. The inspiration for this concept came from a meaningful conversation I had with my dad during a health incident I experienced in 2020. He shared with me the idea of hitting the reset button after going treatment, and that conversation ignited the idea of embracing a brand new beginning in life”

“I wrote this album centered around the journey of a character I created named “Napo”. Each individual song takes on the role of a chapter, as he explores a new world and confronts the obstacles that lie within his adventure. I wrote this album in order to create a new world, encompassing the story that I wanted to tell.”– Floret Loret

Tales From the Terrarium is a mesmerizing journey through the multifaceted world of bass music. The opening track, “Bewilderment,” sets the stage with lush synths that gradually build into an epic bass drop, seamlessly blending melodic elements with intense freeform bass. This formula of combining beauty with power is a recurring theme throughout the LP, as seen in tracks like “Firespoken” and “Warmblue.” The album also explores diverse tempos and styles, from the enchanting and trippy beats of “Druids Magic” to the heavy, glitchy soundscapes of “Bloodstone.” Floret Loret expertly guides the listener through this sonic adventure, showcasing top-tier sound design and production skills.

The LP continues to surprise and engage the audience with tracks like “Prowler” and “Walking With Ents,” which deliver dark and experimental bass experiences. The album’s journey reaches its pinnacle with tracks like “Treestomp,” characterized by epic build-ups and heavy half-time grooves. However, it’s not all intensity; Floret Loret provides moments of introspection with tracks like “Frozen Flares,” featuring deep bass and immersive soundscapes. The LP concludes on a euphoric note with “Napo’s Rest,” leaving the listener with a sense of joy and fulfillment. Tales From the Terrarium is a testament to the artist’s ability to craft an unforgettable and emotionally resonant musical experience within the bass music genre.

Make sure you check out Tales From the Terrarium on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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