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Elephant Stone Drops Ecclectic New “Back Into the Dream” LP, North American Tour Starting In March With Support From Evolfo

Every time we go on a journey with these artists, we never know where we are going to end up…and that is the best feeling. On our latest visit up North we are checking out Back Into the Dream, the latest major drop from Elephant Stone. Based out of Montreal, this modern psy-rock band was created by musician Rishi Dhir as a different creative outlet. After performing with bands such as The Datsons and The High Dials, Dhir discovered his love for the sitar and telling his personal experiences, thus giving birth to Elephant Stone. Dhir quickly made a name for himself as a renowned sitar player, collaborating with the likes of Beck, and legendary cult bands like The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Black Angels, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Dream Syndicate, and many more. Elephant Stone has been active since releasing their first album in 2009, and with their new EP on the horizon, fans of psych-rock need to take notice.

Elephant Stone has crafted a musical odyssey over 14 years that delves into the realms of dreams and consciousness. Their latest album, “Back Into the Dream,” represents the pinnacle of this journey, offering listeners an immersive passage through introspection and wonder. Spearheaded by Rishi Dhir, the band’s driving force, the album explores themes of identity and escapism, inviting listeners to transcend the mundane and delve into profound self-exploration through tracks like “The Spark” and “Going Underground.” With a fusion of sitar vibes and free jazz elements, Elephant Stone’s musical palette, complemented by the talents of Miles Dupire, Jason Kent, and Robbie MacArthur, ensures each composition stands as a testament to their evolution and commitment to pushing musical boundaries. “Back Into the Dream” serves as a thematic exploration of the enigmatic nature of dreams, bridging the gap between waking and dreaming states and inviting listeners on a journey where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur effortlessly.

Elephant Stone 2024 Live Dates:

North America
March 15       Québec, QC @ Le Pantoum
March 16       Saint-Adolphe de Howard, QC @ La Chèvre
March 22       Montréal, QC @ Théâtre Outremont
March 23       Troy, NY @ No Fun*
March 24       Somerville, MA @ The Rockwell*
March 26       Brooklyn, NY @ TV Eye*
March 27       Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong*
March 28       Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe*
March 29       Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle*
March 30       Detroit, MI @ Lager House*
March 31       Toronto, ON @ The Garrison*

*w/ Evolfo

April 26          Brighton, UK @ Daltons
April 27          Bristol, UK @ Crofters Rights
April 28          Manchester, UK @ YES Basement
April 30          TBA
May 1             Glasgow, UK @ Flying Duck
May 2             Leeds, UK @ Headrow House
May 3             London, UK @ The Lexington
May 4             Eindhoven, NL @ Fuzz Club Fest
May 6             TBA
May 7             Paris, FR @ Le Hasard Ludique
May 8             Bern, CH @ Spinnerei
May 9             Milano, IT @ Arci Belleza
May 10           Bologna, IT @ Covo Club
May 11           Firenze, IT @ Exfila
May 12           TBA
May 14           Prague, CZ @ Kaserna Karlin
May 15           Malmo, SWE @ Plan B
May 16           Stockholm, SWE @ Hus 7
May 17           Copenhagen, DK @ Stengade
May 18           Berlin, DE @ Insel Berlin
May 19           Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Noord

Make sure you check out Back Into the Dream on Spotify below!

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Photo credit: Laurine Jousserand

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