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Pop-Punk Band Me From You Re-Introduce Themselves With New Energetic EP “Rival Towns”

With the resurgence of pop-punk we are seeing in the alternative space, the amount of talented musicians popping up on our radar is pure insanity. On our latest peek into this pop-punk world we are checking out Rival Towns, the latest EP from the band Me From You. Founded back in 2018 by musicians Steven Murillo and Chris Murphy, Me From You is a talented group that has a keen focus on witty yet pointed lyricism. With a couple of singles and now two EPs under their belt, Me From You are quickly finding the right niche for them to find their footing and thrive. While the COVID-19 pandemic caused the world to be at a standstill for a beat, the band found comfort in working remotely and spending the extra time polishing this four-track EP. While Rival Towns is the band’s second EP, this project feels mature and seasoned, as if Me From You found their footing and are running full pace ahead with the bulls.

However, Rival Towns Is much more than just another EP as it is clear that every member of Me From You put their all into the experience. Hell, they even caught the attention of Alan Day of the band Four Year Strong, who aided in the production of Rival Towns and polished the final mix. Murillo from Me From You tells us that Rival Towns isn’t just one single narrative, instead each track is a personal experience of the band who uses the vehicle that is Rival Towns to tell their story. With focused and poignant lyrics as their focus, Rival Towns is a perfect addition to their repertoire and a true testament to where Me From You is in their journey. While they may only have a few tracks under their belt now, we can easily see Me From You lighting up alternative radio sometime soon.

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