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Nomadic Musician Wesley Walker Debuts New Project Free Your Self + EP “Free Music!”

Hopefully it isn’t just us, but there are many people out there who would like to abandon their boring surroundings and adopt a nomadic lifestyle….traveling the world for without a care in the world. The latest indie artist to slide into our DMs is Wesley Walker, showcasing his new project Free Your Self and the debut EP Free Music! Originally growing up in the Los Angeles suburb Santa Clarita, Wesley quickly learned that he wasn’t someone who could be happy and thrive creatively while stuck in this borning lifestyle. As soon as he was able, Wesley took to the road with only a backpack and guitar in tow. Wesley would go on to travel across the western United States, eventually landing in a temporary home base in Hawaii. Throughout the five year journey Wesley has played on street corners and everywhere from cafes and clubs to retirement homes, all while taking his time to tell stories through music.

Wesley’s latest project, Free Your Self, transforms multiple years of campfire acoustic guitar songs into fully produced band arrangements with many talented people within the industry today. With the assistance of these talented individuals, Wesley has finally been able to recreate his tracks in his optimal vision. Heartfelt and humane, each track feels raw yet with an imperfect polish, allowing Wesley to show just exactly what he wants to accomplish with Free Your Self.  While we were initially swoon by the organic instrumentals of “Something About You”, the inclusion of the saxophone solos in “Give In” completely surprised us. Wesley uses the project to perform his tracks with other musicians who have a similar vision, even if from a different point of view. While it’s easy to swipe acoustic music away and out of sight, Free Music! is an important milestone for Free Your Self and we can’t wait to see what the project creates next.

Make sure you check out Free Music! on Spotify below or on Soundcloud!

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Free Your Self

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