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Nu Deco Ensemble Announces 2021-2022 Miami Concert Season + New Beach Boys Suite!

Larkin Poe may have put Nu Deco on our radar, but their overwhelming talent has kept them in our rotation. On our latest visit to our favorite Miami-based orchestra, we are checking out Still Cruisin’, the latest suit from the Nu Deco Ensemble. An interesting beast themselves, the Nu Deco Ensemble is a Miami-based hybrid orchestra that burst onto the scene back in 2015.  Their catalog includes collaborations with Wyclef Jean, Tune-Yards, PJ Morton, Macy Gray, Jacob Collier, and Ben Folds to name a few. Nu Deco has even released re-imagined versions of tracks by artists including Daft Punk, Outkast and classic rock artists as well as new music from today’s top composers. It is clear that if you want a unique neo-classical twist to your music, you need to reach out and connect with Nu Deco. 

 “With always having the intention of bringing something fresh and new to this incredible music, the work creates new harmonic and groove environments, expands on and plays with famous melodies and motifs, and also pays tribute to the genius instrumentation and orchestration inherent in the original songs. Personally speaking, the music of The Beach Boys is some of my absolute favorite, and has musically impacted me since childhood.” – Sam Hyken

Now if you haven’t heard Still Cruisin’ already, then let us share that we have a soft spot for this project. An orchestral tribute to the work of the classic California surf rock band the Beach BoysStill Cruisin’ features 9 neo-classical renditions of popular songs from their catalog. We are thrilled that the Beach Boys are receiving the Nu Deco treatment, as throughout my childhood I spent many weekends in Santa Cruz, CA with Beach Boys serving as my soundtrack for the majority of the time. While I personally have become accustomed to the sliding surf rock tones of “I Get Around” and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, surprisingly it wasn’t jarring to hear them in a more jazz forward style. While it may be a drastically different interpretation, Nu Deco’s version of these hits give us a new appreciation for the classics and how they’ve impacted our music tastes moving forward. We definitely recommend taking 20 minutes out of your day, sitting back, and giving Still Cruisin’ a listen.

Make sure you check out Still Cruisin’ on Spotify below!

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