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What the Hell Did We Just Watch? Valentino Khan Drops Perplexing “Pony” Music Video

Sometimes a music video’s choice in direction may be questionable but turn into something cringy and memeable. Today we’re back again with Mad Decent and Valentino Khan with a brand new music video for his latest track “Pony”  Bursting onto the scene in 2014, Khan received almost immediate success with his first “In Khan We Trust” EP after being released on Skrillex’s OWSLA label. Khan quickly entranced listeners with his blend of hardstyle, trap, and heavy house that even led to his original track “Deep Down Low” being one of the most played track in 2015. While four years have passed, Khan has easily honed his skills as a remix master and we can’t see what he does next.

Somehow this is not the kind of video we were expecting when we heard Khan dropped “Pony”‘s music video. Prepare yourselves for a double take, as this video is definitely a bit out there. The video starts with a group of elderly women, who begin to provocatively dance and perform rituals out in the desert landscape. While it’s initially unclear the purpose, it’s revealed that these women summon the titular gorgeous white pony with a luscious reddish mane. Now in complete control of the horse’s body, one of the women dances and trots while the rest dance around her. She is later mounted by a possible horse salesman and rides off into the swirling background. We repeat, what the hell did we just watch?

Make sure you check out the music video for “Pony” on YouTube below!

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