Yellow Claw’s Barong Family Celebrates 6 Years and 200 Drops With New “BF200” EP

It all started with the first drop and what a journey it has been. This time around we are bouncing on over to Barong Family for “BF200”, the 200th drop from Yellow Claw’s label and featuring tracks from their ever-growing and talented roster. Bursting onto the scene way back in 2013, Yellow Claw has been changing and molding the modern look of bass music. First popping up on our radar with their first major hit “DJ Turn It Up”, Yellow Claw‘s blend of hip-hop and club music has dominated playlists throughout clubs worldwide. With the success of that track and “In My Room”, Yellow Claw has gained over 300 million streams just from those two tracks alone. Back in 2015 Yellow Claw‘s debut album Blood for Mercy even won the Dutch equivalent of a Grammy. They haven’t slowed down even the smallest bit, with multiple global tours that have been further injecting Yellow Claw into the bass music industry.

It has been a wild ride since when we had put out our first release on Barong Family back in 2014. During the past 6 years, we have met many talented artists who wanted to take part in this adventure with us and joined the family. MoksiRayRayWiwek, and more all saw the transition from Barong Family – a music label to Barong Family – a worldwide brand with its own merch lines, writing camps in Asia, documentaries, sold-out tours in North America, own stages at the world’s biggest festivals. 200 releases seem like a big number, and 6 years feel like a very long time, but for us, thanks to what we do and whom we are fortunate to work with, it feels like we are just starting, as our excitement never faded away.” – Yellow Claw

BF200 has a special place in the hearts of artists and fans of the Barong Family label. This EP isn’t just the label’s 200th drop, it also celebrates six years of Barong Family and their impact on the music industry. BF200 features 7 brand new tracks, highlighting Barong Family’s stellar cast of characters such as Yellow Claw themselves, Wiwek, Crisis Era, RayRay, GHOSTER, Nonsens, and Psycho Boys Club just to name a few. The EP collection runs the gambit of music styles that Barong Family has to offer, from more hip-hop centered tracks to earth-shatteringly high BPMs that will warp your very understanding of Barong’s offerings. There was no way that Barong was going to take it easy on their 200th drop, so why expect anything else besides chaotic bass?

Make sure you check out “BF200” on Spotify below!

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