Nashville Indie Rockers GoldPark Delight Fans With Sophomore EP “Goldpark 2!”

It is about time we put down the synthesizers and electronics for a dose of organic instrumentals. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out Goldpark 2! the latest drop from Goldpark. Created by Nashville-based musicians Wes Hunter (vocals), Andrew Smith (guitar) and Kyle Neblett (drums), Goldpark is a relatively new trio that has been making waves in the indie world. After releasing their debut EP Goldpark One back in August 2021, Goldpark has been extremely busy over the last year with a mix of solo shows, support gigs, and festival slots all throughout their US tour. With “Covered in Sunshine” being Goldpark’s second single off of their sophomore EP, the band is ready to fully release their arena rock sound to the masses, especially those eager to listen.

This EP is special for so many reasonsWe had the right songs, the right producer (Jeremy Lutito), and the right spirit. This body of work is the best representation of who we are and where we are going. We hope this EP makes people smile.”  – Goldpark

There is a sense of magic in the air when you find a band that emits just the right amount of positive vibes and energy to match yours and gill up your always-fluctuating happiness meter. Even though we spend most of our time out of the indie rock genre, every time we dive back in bands like Goldpark are here to greet us with new material and tracks that just emit positivity. The second major EP drop for the band, Goldpark 2! consists of five new tracks that truly showcase the band’s newfound identity thanks to the collaborative efforts of everyone involved in bringing the project to life.  Whether it is the energetic rock sound, their pop adjacent melodies, or their impressive level of storytelling, Goldpark is easily one of the best bands out of Nashville that deserve your focus. Goldpark 2! is a major milestone for Goldpark and we can’t wait to see them grow even further beyond.

Make sure you check out Goldpark 2! on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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