Bass Producer TRIGO Self-Releases New Atmospheric World Bass Single “Shadow Walker”

When you have a soundtrack like this to score a world of your own making, it makes it feel enriched and full of life. On our latest peek into the bass music world we are checking out “Shadow Walker”, the latest single from TRIGO. With plenty of time under their belt, they have been carefully crafting the TRIGO moniker as they continue to grow and develop as an artist. Hailing from Denver CO, TRIGO discovered his love for DJing and music production back in the 2010s and grew his reputation as a DJ over the last 6 years. While he started in local clubs and bars in the surrounding area, TRIGO is carving out a piece for himself within the underground bass/wave music scene. A lover of the dubstep, trance, drum & bass, and early Metal/Rock communities, TRIGO combined his favorite elements into a big mixing bowl, and the result? A brand new audio experience that only TRIGO could provide for those willing to push play. 

If there is anything that can be said about bass music producers, it is that the most talented among them know how to construct their own personal worlds through the endless expanse that is sound alone. TRIGO is definitely one of these producers, almost appearing to willfully craft these audible soundscapes with just a flick of the wrist. Through the veil of “Shadow Walker” we follow along one of TRIGO’s many spatial journies, this time traveling to an unknown alien world and arriving during one of their festivals celebrating their elder god. Bordering on the edge of divine sounds with the right tinge of curiosity, TRIGO creates this feeling that within the confines of “Shadow Walker” is an unfamiliar yet intriguing world just waiting for the right explorer. TRIGO’s blend of deep atmospheric bass with surface-level basslines only lure us deeper into the world of “Shadow Walker”. For any other bass music fans out there, “Shadow Walker” is a must. Stop reading this and push play instead. 

Make sure you check out “Shadow Walker” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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