Triple Threat Amber Ryann Releases New Emotionally Honest Album “Even When It Falls Apart”

When you are a triple threat like today’s artist, the expectations are high for any project you release. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out EVEN WHEN IT FALLS APART. the latest drop from Amber Ryann. Finding comfort in the world of music at a very young age, Ryann began creating her own music in some form once she was able to understand the world around her. Her unique sound comes from an interesting amalgamation of influences, from her dad’s interest of hip-hop, her mother’s with 90’s R&B, as well as the emerging 2000s punk, emo, and hardcore scene that grew around her in her teens. Also as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Ryann learned how to express herself and her intimate thoughts in a way that she could add to her melting pot. Since making the step down the professional music path, Ryann has caught the attention os many tastemakers and Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds, Alternative Hip-Hop, SALT, and ‘fit check! Ryann even created a brand new showcase for rising stars online called the Underrated Artist Session, which has evolved into a digital platform consisting of music listeners who care about artist discovery.

“Life is full of ups and downs, I’ve had my fair share of downs where everything seemed to be falling apart around me and the hardest part was acceptance and changing my perspectiv eThe hardest thing I had ever had to endure was my mom being diagnosed with cancer and almost losing her life, that experience changed my entire life and state of being. These moments in my life are just chapters and pieces to a bigger picture but it doesn’t define me or what I have left to give. I wanted to let people into my personal world in the hopes that they can find solace in the music too. Even when it falls apart there is strength to be found, a new perspective, or maybe even a new lease on life.” = Amber Ryann

After what feels like months of teasing, the latest milestone in Ryann’s career, a brand new album to add to her catalog. Even When it Falls Apart explores and is centered around recent hardships in Ryann’s life, with a primary focus on how she overcame those struggles to become the version of her that she truly wants to be in this day in age. With music being a constant source of comfort throughout Ryann’s life, it is no surprise that she would choose the medium to work out her struggles and transform them into musical creativity. Consisting of 10 tracks, 3 previously released and 7 new releases, Ryann gives each single her individual focus so she can work through whatever the topic of the individual song is and the avoid hiding from the problem at its core itself. Ryann is an individual who has always kept honesty at the forefront of her content, and fans will appreciate the amount of pain and energy that she put into Even When It Falls Apart. 

Make sure you check out EVEN WHEN IT FALLS APART on Spotify below!

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