Hip-Hop Artists Richitta Drops New Lyric Video For New Single “Quit Playin”

We don’t dive into the hip hop and rap world often enough, but when we do we want it to be an interesting track that deserves multiple repeats. Today while hanging out at the office we have “Quit Playin'” a brand new single from independent rapper Richitta. Representing the suburbs just outside of Chicago, Richitta takes her soulful vocal performances and a pop rhythm to connect with her audience on a different level than other artists. Inspired by artists llike Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, and Brandy, Richitta knew that she had the skills and experience needed and now is the time to share her story. Richitta originally made an impact on the music industry back in 2014 with her debut EP Dreams Come True, which showcased her skills as a songwriter and gave us out first taste of the Richitta sound.

While rap and hip hop are genres that even personally we don’t explore often, we would be completely won over if there were more artists like Richitta filling the airwaves. She may be a young and ambitious artist, but she has more skills and notches in her belt than many other indie artists at the same point in their careers. Richitta’s powerful yet soulful vocal performance exemplifies the meaning within each word, strung together with her impeccable flow. “Quit Playin” may feature a rather generic hip-hop beat, but Richitta’s performance and blend of music and a lover’s phone call completely eliminate the monotomy. If you learn anything from this track, take a lesson from Richitta and learn/show your true worth.

Make sure you check out the video for “Quit Playin'” on YouTube below!

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