Kat Saul Drops Mixed Media Music Video for Latest Single “Monsters”

Musicians make music for a variety of reasons, but some artists just make music to have something great to dance to. Today we are back at it again with a brand new music video for “Monsters”, the latest drop from Kat Soul. Hailing from Nashville but working hard out of the city of angels, Kat Saul burst onto the scene just last year yet her sound feels carefully crafted and evolved. An artist who could always thrive in her own slice of happiness, Kat was the fun cheerleader who also played guitar in her local rock band. Never one to be held back by genre borders, Kat would bump Top 40 in her car while on her way to a pop-punk concert. This idealogy is clear in her debut EP From Unit 408, which features tracks flowing in out of styles with ease and one mission in mind…for you to move those meat sacks of yours and dance along.

I start on a galaxy background looking like I’m in a fake world. There is animation making it seem like I’m in a cartoon. However, as the song progresses, the green screen starts to flicker in and out until I finally walk away from the background and shows that it was a green screen or ‘just in my head’ all along. As I dance around the studio the animations still follow me. It leaves me wondering which world is real — which monsters will stick with me, and which will pass? I just want to escape and move past it all, but all I can do is walk around the studio in a circle, almost as if I’m cycling through this pattern in life. Using color psychology, I wear orange when I’m manic, mauve when I’m depressive, and pink when I’m reflective. As the video comes to a close, viewers see one of the monsters on my shoulder. He waves to the viewers as the song fades out. This shows coming to terms with your mental health and knowing that to some extent, the only way to fight your monsters is to become friends with them. All you can do is dance it out.” – Kat Saul

Kat Saul may have won us over when we initially debuted “Monsters“, but this music video fits into the missing hole the track provided. Kat created this mixed media style video to hammer the initial point of the song home, detailed her struggles with a blend of green screen footage and animation. Designed to be a prime example of anxiety, the animated monsters grow larger in number throughout the song and quickly take over, simulating the occurrence of a panic attack. While the video may be a bit on the amateur side, it does surprisingly push “Monsters” narrative across. When anxiety takes over…what is fact and what is fiction?

Make sure you check out the music video for “Monsters” on YouTube below!

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Photo Credit: Matt Blum

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