Multi-Instrumentalist Mokita Details Anxiety and Depression in New Single “Down”

Even though we are seeing it more often over the last few years, there still appears to be a stigma on what you are able to sing about as an artist. However, today’s artist tosses that stigma aside and full embraces it as part of his moniker. Today we are checking out a brand new single and music video for “Down”, the latest from singer/songwriter Mokita.  Raised between small-town USAs in Virginia and North Carolina, John-Luke Carter explored music from rather early in his life. Beginning classical piano lessons at a meager age of 6, it wouldn’t be until his teenage years that he would pick up his loyal six-string. John adapted to Mokita moniker after moving to Nashville post-graduation, which has a rather unique meaning. Deriving from Kivila, a language native to Papua New Guinea, Mokita roughly translates to “the truth we all know but don’t talk about,”. Since finding his love for songwriting and producing, Mokita has collaborated with many artists such as Ella Vos, R3HAB, and Lost Frequencies as well as making a name in his own career.

“I’ve had some really rough seasons in my life where my depression was just so bad and I didn’t feel like I was ever going climb out of it, but through those times I’ve had some close friends who have walked with me through those seasons; who have encouraged me and just been present, I think the theme of this song was really just a letter to those friends who are going through those things, and to anyone who is having a hard time. Everybody needs a friend to walk with them through the hard seasons and sometimes just being present, being available to listen, and being faithful, is the best way to love someone through those times.” – Mokita

Exploring difficult and stigmatized themes is at home for the Mokita brand and “Down” fits right into that catalog. Opening with a somber yet hopeful piano, “Down” allows the production to step out of the way and let Mokita explore the true meaning of the song with his confessional style of expression. Exploring the growing struggles of depression and anxiety, Mokita uses this downtempo production to give a personal and honest conversation about those feelings that plague your mind. “Down” is essentially a love letter to anyone who suffering right now, especially since 2020 has been such a bastard of a year.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Down” on YouTube below!

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