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Experimental Bass Music Thrives! Oliverse Drops Second EP “Outerworld”

There are few artists that work hard and fizzle out, then there are those that destiny called for them. Today, we are heading on over to Disciple Records for the brand new Outerworld EP from the experimental artists Oliverse. The man behind the pseudonym, Ryan Oliphant, knew that he had to pursue a career in the music world. Initially crafting music under the dubstep umbrella under a different name, Ryan finally settled on honing his own version of experimental bass music. Since Oliverse was born in 2015, Ryan has gained plenty of success with his debut EP Mountains.  It isn’t just his original work, as his remixes for major players like Modestep, Emalkay, as well as Dodge & Fuski.

It currently feels like we are at the peak of great bass music, so we are glad some utilizes it. Oliverse’s second EP, Outerworld, is a prime example of how Oliverse takes the bass music genre and warps it to fit his ideal sound. It would be hard to fit the overall sound of Outerworld into one category, as the various influences are very distinct. For example, our personal favorite is the opening track “My Vibe” which derives a few characteristics from electro. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the dubstep-esque “Say Nothing” that hits hard right in the middle of the EP, as well as the future bass melodies of “Unspoken”. Why the EP may be everywhere on the map stylistically, each track flows into each other with precision.

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