Scottish Award-Winning Musician Craig Irving Releases Debut Track “Heart”

Alright, let’s put away the turntables for a spell and pick up a guitar. Today we have a refreshing dose of arena rock from the Scottish musician Craig Irving, who is debuting his new track “Heart”. Growing up in Scotland, Irving’s first brush with musical talent was when he was merely 15, learning how to play guitar while living in Australia.

Upon returning to his homeland, Irving pursued his musical career throughout his college studies at both Lewis Castle College in Benbecula as well as the Royal Conversatoire in Glasglow. During these studies, Irving founded the trio Talisk alongside fellow performers concertina player Mohsen Amini and fiddler Hayley Keenan. This is the first time Irving and Co. would taste success, as after two years Talisk had won multiple awards. Irving would later also tour alongside the Gaelic rock band Mànran and experience major international tours.

As his official debut as a solo artist, “Heart” provides new listeners a fresh take on the talents of Craig Irving. With an interesting blend of influences from mellow pop to arena rock, Irving puts his soul out on display for the masses to resonate with how he feels. Despite the track being Irving’s debut, “Heart” feels like it was written and performed by an artist who has grown within the industry for many years. Irving’s skill on the guitar is infectious and admirable, as it is clear that he puts his heart into each one of his performances. If Craig Irving isn’t on your radar yet, that needs to be fixed. Irving’s solo career may just be starting, but Irving is already miles ahead.

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