Dirty Audio Mudding Up Mir: New remix of Afrojack’s “Used to Have It All”


Alright, with his third trip under the Mir lens, I think plenty of people know that we like our audio dirty. It isn’t a surprise really, as he keeps plaguing our airwaves with hit after hit. This time, Dirty releases a new remix of EDM mega-star Afrojack’s “Used to Have It All, an impressive albeit risky move on his front. Granted though, Afrojack isn’t the only superstar that Dirty Audio has had the pleasure of working with. Dirty is currently on tour on the other side of the world in New Zealand and Australia, but we can’t wait for him to be back in the States so we can catch a show!

Now, 2017 has already been a pretty big year for Dirty. In hopes to add another smash hit to his catalog, his latest release is a rather bold move. Still, he was selected for an official remix. Anyway, unlike other Dirty remixes, he utilizes much more of the original track. He is able to keep the solid vocal work and deep house vibe, while being able to add his own signature flair to the mix. Dirty adds my electro synths and makes even heavier drops to change up the track, which he does with ease.

Be sure to listen to “Used to Have It All” (Dirty Audio Remix) below! Also check out our thoughts on Dirty Audio’s other releases “Ocho Cinco” and “Roller Coaster”


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