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Sarah Walk Announces Simply EP Out June 24 via One Little Independent Records + New “Secrets” Single

When you have a new sense of empowerment, we definitely won’t fault you if you decide to flaunt it a bit. This time we are heading on over to Little Independent Records for “secrets”, the brand new single from Sarah Walk. Another graduate of the Berklee College of Music, Walk hailed from Minnesota but bounced back between LA and London (don’t we all). She quietly worked on her debut album, Little Black Book, with her producer Steve Brown and started off on her journey as a professional musician. Walk would also go on to release her second album, Another Me, using the album as a more self-investigative vehicle on her own views. The album explores themes such as women empowerment, vulnerability, entitlement, and toxic relationships through an open and honest conversation. Having wanted to cover Prince for some time now, Sarah Walk provided her take on one of the most popular songs of all time, “Nothing Compares 2 U”. That may have been our introduction to Sarah’s work, so we are excited for what she brings to the table this time.

“When I was writing and recording the LP ‘Another Me,’ I was experiencing so much anxiety that every decision felt paralyzing – which is actually the theme of a few songs on the album. So having this opportunity to revisit these songs in a new moment and headspace, to make brand new decisions and explorations has proven to me that no decision is the end-all-be-all. You can always adjust, you can always change. In the end, it was me committing to the decisions that led me to this opportunity to abandon them. 

‘Another Me’ felt like such a sonic exploration, so finding a way to strip things back in a more acoustic arrangement breathed new life into the songs for me. To me, that’s the most important thing – staying interested and connected to what I’m creating. Abe and I kept searching and playing with arrangements until they sparked something in us and then built the production around that core thread.” – Sarah Walk

Serving as the next major step in her career, Sarah just announced a brand new Simply EP that will feature stripped-down versions of a handful of her previous singles as well as two brand new songs written just for the EP. Fans are treated today with one of those new songs, as Sarah dropped the intimate single “secrets” along with the announcement. Challenging her production fundamentals, “secrets” serves as a refreshing laid back version of her normal style and the next stage of her experimentation as an artist. Sarah utilizes this laid-back groove and bright synths to elevate her already smooth version of contemporary R&B. The Simply EP is a fantastic mix that truly highlights Sarah’s honest storytelling and songwriting. Stay tuned for when the rest of the Simply EP drops over at Little Independence Records on June 24th.

Make sure you check out “Secrets” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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