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Electropop Innovators Men Without Hats Announce New Covers EP “Again (Part 1)” + “Safety Dance” Revisit!

I’ll be honest, we are in unfamiliar territory here and we can’t help but love it. We know you normally would be expecting another feature from the indie or electronic music worlds, but we have something better.

After more than forty years in the business, Canada’s well-known electropop group Men Without Hats continues to bring their cutting-edge sound to the masses. Best known for their massively successful hit “Safety Dance”, MWH continue to innovate and grow the electropop sound, this time joining forces with Brian Hetherman’s Sonic Fury. During the latter half of 2020, MWH worked their magic in the studio and created Again (Part 1) and (Part 2). Again (Part 1) is an interesting move for the band, as they revisited “Safety Dance” as well as covered hits from Lou Reed, Matt The Hoopie, The Tragically Hip, and The Rolling Stones. Again (Part 1) is the next step in the Men Without Hats career, and you can check it out when it drops on September 24th.

“Recording this record was an almost magical experience, we put together our own studio in a house high up in the mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island and spent seven months in total isolation making music from sunrise to sundown, with only a family of 13 peacocks for company. Some of the songs are brand new, some were written over the past 10 years on the road, making demos in the back of the tour bus, and some were written way back in the ’80s and never recorded until now. The new album is a good window into where the band is at presently after reforming in 2010, and it’s a great preview of more things to come”, lead vocalist Ivan Doroschuk.

The band is playing select North American dates this summer, with more detailed touring plans for 2022 expected to be announced soon!

IF you need a bit of a refresher, make sure you check out the video for “Safety Dance” on YouTube below!

Make sure you check out the tracklist for Again (Part 1) below!

MEN WITHOUT HATS – Again (Part 1)

1. Satellite of Love (Originally recorded by Lou Reed)

2. All the Young Dudes (Written by David Bowie, originally recorded by Mott The Hoople)

3. Blow at High Dough (Originally recorded by The Tragically Hip)

4. 2000 Light Years from Home (Originally recorded by The Rolling Stones)

5. No Friends of Mine (Originally recorded as “The Safety Dance”)

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