Singer-Songwriter Alaska Reid Departs on a Solo Career With New Single “Big Bunny”

When you’ve established yourself in the music industry as a prominent member within a band, it can be difficult to strike out on your own. On our latest dive into the world in indie music we are checking out “Big Bunny”, the newest single from singer Alaska Reid. Originally bursting onto the scene as a member of the band Alyeska, Alaska rediscovered her love of music while splitting her time between LA and her home in Montana. Before finally taking the step onto the solo career path, Alaska and Alyeska recorded their Crush EP at the legendary The Music Shop studio prior to closing. From dive bars in Montana to the Sunset Strip of LA and now honing her skill in New York, we have no idea where Alaska Reid’s career will take her next.

 “I’ve been scuttling around the scene since I was 14, first as an Americana/country chick and then as a band chick, and now I’m arriving at a more unfiltered self. Some of these songs have grown up with me. I’m excited to release them because the lyrics mean something to me, but also because it has been a long time in the works. It’s a diary of my life.”

Now that we have officially moved into the winter months of 2020 (which we have no idea what this year will throw at us next) but is time to embrace the winter chill. Alaska Reid’s initial single of her upcoming EP, “Big Bunny”, feels like a solid introduction to guide us into the colder time of the year. Alaska uses the single and EP to serve as a vehicle for her storytelling, detailing her adventures from her childhood with her siblings. Alaska utilizes the snowscape to showcase her lyrical prowess in a more organic setting. Her blend of alternative organic instrumentals and soft electronic pickups create an interesting sound for Alaska to take with her on stage. While this may be our first introduction to Alaska Reid, we can’t wait to check out the rest of the EP when it drops in in the next few weeks.

“When I was younger I wanted a bunny so bad that I would chase after wild rabbits, trying to catch them. I was obsessed and convinced myself that if I could just catch one that I would have this magical connection with it like Lyra and her daemon in ‘The Golden Compass.’ We filmed it during a freak snow storm a few weeks ago. Trust me, the snow was real — it was hard to play guitar in a blizzard in 12 degrees.”

Make sure you check out the music video for “Big Bunny” on YouTube below and on Spotify!

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