Californian Producer TROPO Embraces and Celebrates Mexican Music in Album “Siente Tu Corazon”

As someone who has been infatuated by Latin/South American cultures for almost the last two decades of my life, I had to make sure we shared today’s artist.  On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings we are checking out Siente Tu Corazon, the latest major project from TROPO. Based out of California, Tyson Leonard (better known as TROPO), has been shifting his region of electronic music with his hypnotizing approach to house music. TROPO’s vision of worldly ambient house music struck a chord with many of his peers, leading to collaborations with artists such as Ayla Nereo, The Polish Ambassador, Alan Parsons, and Wildlight. TROPO’s first major album drop, Mira, served as his version of a meditative journey and dropped on Jumpsuit Records. Now taking a spin over at Gravitas, TROPO explores his recent travels throughout Mexico via his music craft in Siente Tu Corazon. 

Now this album is one that has too many layers for any single reviewer to peel back without getting lost…it is definitely one you need to experience for yourself. However…Siente Tu Corazon is a surrealist dream, an electric dreamlike space where you can be enraptured by the sounds of the world and traditional Mexican culture. The album’s title track is the first step on this journey, opening up the world with dark and gloomy tones complimenting vocals from fellow artists Alfonso Toro and Arturo Lome.  The further you move throughout the album, each track takes you on a mesmerizing journey through unfamiliar territory, as if guiding you on a spiritual quest through nature and all of her whimsy. Our personal favorite track may just have to be “The Summoning”, especially since the track shakes up the more ambient experience and takes Siente Tu Corazon into the cosmic soundscape. Frankly put, if you have ever been interested in world music and the fusion of music from different cultures, Siente Tu Corazon is definitely worth a listen. 

Make sure you check out Siente Tu Corazon on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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