Bhaskar Delivers Mix of Vocal House & Retro Wave Grooves On New Track “Hours and Hours.” Out Now on CONTROVERSIA

When you’re partnered up with a label that allows you full experimentation with your music, you might as well take advantage. On our latest visit over to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out “Hours and Hours”, the newest drop from Bhaskar. Originally beginning his own history back in 2004 at age 12, Bhaskar partnered with his brother Alok to dive deep into the world of electronic music. While originally starting as just a passing interest, Bhaskar quickly discovered that there would be a constant balancing act between their studies and the studio. Inspired by his parent’s dedication and success, Bhaskar and Alok struck out on their own and struck gold. Bhaskar has crafted quite a number of hits in his day, including “Fuego” (145M+ Spotify streams) and “Infinity” (100M+ Spotify streams). Bhaskar has even found plenty of success through his collaborations with the likes of Yves VMoguaiDubdogzWankelmutLucas Estrada, the Brazilian pop star Anitta and his brother Alok!

This song was really fun to make because I can participate in the whole creative process. First, I got the vocals from the songwriters, but there were some things I wanted to change in the vocals. So I had a meeting with them, gave them my suggestions, and we were able to adjust. Regarding the instrumental, I was based a lot on what I have proposed for my last songs, which is to make music more for the dance floor. So I wanted to keep its atmosphere which is more of a “deep” thing, but at the same time make it rock on the dance floor. I’m very happy with the result, and it has worked a lot in my sets.” – Bhaskar

When you are at an excellent label and you still have input at every step within the creative process, you know you’ve found your home base. In Bhaskar’s case it might be a bit more literal with CONTROVERSIA being the family label, but nonetheless, the feeling remains the same. After taking a brief siesta out at other labels to taste their samplings, Bhaskar is back with the mesmerizing “Hours and Hours”. While fundamentally “Hours and Hours” is a vocal house single, Bhaskar’s inclusion of retro wave sounds into the mix transports the listener back into the 1980s, a time where dancefloor music was sultry and pulsating with energy. This latest addition to the Bhaskar catalog is an addictive dancefloor banger that will easily push listeners out on the dancefloor, especially if they long for those classic retro wave beats.

Make sure you check out “Hours and Hours” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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