New Zealand Indie Rockers Marlin’s Dreaming Drop “Outwards Crying” Music Video, New Album Coming Soon

When you exist in the independent world, there are very little rules for you to abide by…or should we say very little limitations. Our indie gem for this week is a brand new music video for “Outwards Crying”, a single from the New Zealand indie band Marlin’s Dreaming. Founded just a few years ago in the middle of 2017, Marlin’s Dreaming is a young indie rock band that is moving quickly to develop their image and sound. Just a few short months after forming Marlin’s Dreaming dropped their first project Lizard Tears, an 8-track mix of independent gems. The band found plenty of global success, even resulting in multiple sold-out tours. Marlin’s Dreaming continued to slay 2018 and 2019, now primed and ready to take on 2020 with their fangs drawn. With a brand new Quotidian LP preparing to drop in late April, Marlin’s Dreaming is the indie rock band to watch this year.

“[Outwards Crying] “about my urge to leave my hometown (Dunedin, NZ) and change my surroundings. It’s a song about nature. For the video we wanted a gritty and off-kilter accompaniment to the song, and that turned out to be shooting farm animals and old buildings around Dunedin, which I can’t explain why but seems fitting. I feel like this is our most heavy song on the upcoming album, not in terms of instrumentation, but more how confronting it is emotionally.” – Semisi Maiai

Now that we are more active in the non-electronic independent scene, we have to admit we are impressed by the current state of the indie world. Plenty of fantastic artists are rising to the top, each treating us to their unique sounds. Despite the odd name, we are disappointed that we haven’t heard of Marlin’s Dreaming sooner. “Outwards Crying” uses soft instruments and fantastic guitar work to carefully weave an image of solidarity into the listener’s mind. Telling the story of vocalist and guitarist Semisi Malai’s determination to leave his hometown, “Outwards Crying” hits us a bit more than we thought. I personally struggle with this every day, and a song the accurately fits that mood will easily fit in my personal playlist.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Outwards Crying” on YouTube below and on Soundcloud!

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