Sevenn Returns To Purple Fly with Cinematic Fusion of Hybrid Techno and Pop – “Running From Love” With BIGMOO and Sarah De Warren

You may have some great success in today’s day in age releasing all of your music by yourself, yet once the Purply Fly lands it is a bit difficult to escape. On our latest visit over to Purple Fly we are checking out “Running From Love” the latest drop from Sevenn, BIGMOO, and Sarah De Warren. Created by Kevin Brauer, the Sevenn name has absolutely blew up on the international EDM market. With his first single “Colors of the Rainbow” produced alongside Kathy setting the stage, his follow up singles “BYOB” and “The Wall” alongside Alok catapulted him to stardom. With those three singles alone, Sevenn racked up over 50M steams across all online outlets. However, those fail in comparison to his mega 2017 collaboration on Tiesto’s “Boom”, which netted over 120M streams by itself. With four global hits under his belt already, Sevenn continues to tear up the international electronic music scene and his reach only grows with each single.

We’ve reviewed and featured a wide variety of music here on Modern Neon, so we feel the need to point this out…sometimes it just feels like a song was made for one instance in our life and it is hard seeing it outside that once instance. For example, “Running From Love” would easily fit into our near-constant rotation of music for songs that score our late-night drives, yet outside of that scope, we see it as a fight to stay consistent in our playlists. Regardless, “Running From Love” is yet another Sevenn gem with deep undulating basslines guiding the track on its pre-determined course and keeping the fundamentals intact. Sarah De Warren’s vocal performance elevates the single quite a bit, as she balances the tone/mood of the performance between hopeful and sultry. Regardless, if you are a Sevenn, or a BIGMOO fan, “Running From Love” is a solid addition to both their catalogs.

Make sure you check out “Running From Love” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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