New Zealand Pop Duo Foley Releases Groovy Second New EP “Vacations”

Close friendships in musical groups are hard to come by, but when they thrive the result is pure magic. On our latest dive into the world of indie-pop, we are checking out the brand new Vacation EP from the talented duo Foley.  Built around the close friendship between musicians Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, Foley is a unique musical act that doesn’t shy away from exploring honest and raw conversations from relationships to existential crises. The idea behind Foley has attracted a solid fanbase of like-minded 20 somethings who incredibly relate to the duo’s musings of love, life, and lifelong learning. Their debut EP On My Conscience was released back in 2020 and has quickly garnered buzz on commercial radio and streaming platforms, even reaching #10 on New Zealand’s Album Charts.

Foley may have just popped up on our radar last month when we covered the announcement for Vacation, we are already ready to dive deep into their discography. Vacation is the duo’s second major release, marking the next major milestone in Foley’s growing career as artists. Using their Vacation EP as a vehicle, the duo explores the EP’s core concept about escaping from the norm and breaking routine, which we have fallen into the trap due to 2020. The concept doesn’t just mean a physical getaway, as just being with someone new who can break up the monotony of your life works just as well. The five-track EP is filled to the brim with groovy melodies and overflowing with energy and positive vibes, making the experience of going on Foley’s Vacation entirely worth it. More people need to adopt Foley’s outlook and join in on the adventure to take 2021 by force.

For us, ‘Vacation’ is us trying to be our best to our partners, friends, families, and a reminder to enjoy ourselves. t’s us being confident in our creativity and aspiring to be better.” – FOLEY

Make sure you check out the Vacation EP on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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Photo Credit: Frances Carter
Photo Credit: Frances Carter

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