Indian-American R&B Singer Samica Takes a Retrospective Look At Life in New Single “Stumble Home”

Alright, the more we look at artists in our home market, the more we appreciate being in a thriving music scene. On our latest peek in the indie world we are checking out “Stumble Home”, the latest single from Samica. Hailing from our native northern California, Samica is a first-generation Indian American who grew up surrounded by traditional Indian music and Top 40 hits. Inspired by Top 40 and Urban hits of the late 90s and early 2000s, Samica began writing her own music at a very young age. Even though she appreciated the artists that influenced her musically, she realized early on that there are very few artists that represent the same cultural heritage as her. Devoted to the change that, Samica began posting covers on YouTube until releasing her first original song in 2019. By the end of the year, her debut single “Alright” racked up over a million streams and kickstarted her career as a professional musician. With her newfound momentum, Samica has gained plenty of attention in the music blog space and snagged spots on notable playlists such as Spotify’s Lorem, Alternative R&B, Fresh Finds, Amazon’s Introducing R&B, Apple Music’s Acoustic Pop, and more

“Sometimes when you love somebody, it’s hard to admit to yourself and to them. ‘Stumble Home’ is a song about realizing how good you had it, a little too late.” – Samica

As a lover of music across all genres of music, I personally have a special place in my heart for traditional Indian music and artists who can pull from that genre to influence their own styles. After my original family unit fell apart, I was introduced to many traditional Indian art and musicians thanks to my half-sister’s family, who come directly from India. Anyways, when I first pushed play on “Stumble Home”, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect…and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. With elements of indie-pop and country in play, “Stumble Home” transforms into an intriguing amalgamation of music styles that could only be unique to Samica. Through the vehicle that is “Stumble Home”, Samica dissects the moment when you realize just how important someone was to you, especially after your life paths have diverged. A heavy dose of retrospective is exactly what we needed this morning, and Samica didn’t hesitate to deliver.

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