Rising Pop Singer Gillian Teases Upcoming Debut Album With Bittersweet “Static”

This time we are diving back into the pop world for “Static”, the latest single from Gillian off her upcoming album.  Hailing from the Boston area, Gillian is another musician that is determined to not hide behind grand productions and make the heavily manufactured pop music that plays effortlessly on the radio. Regardless of what instrument she’s busy performing behind, Gillian wants to use music to tell her own truths, regardless of how raw they end of being. Tackling subjects like a relationship crumbling under her feet or struggling with addictions, she wants to tell it all. She may be early in her career, but Gillian has a clear path in mind for the future.

The latest single off of her upcoming debut album 3AM, “Static” is a beautifully semi-sweet pop track that gives us another look of the inner workings of Gillian’s mind. The track details the thought process via an inner-monologue before she leaves for a night out on the town with friends, giving us a unique perspective on that state of mind. Playing up her level of authenticity, “Static” was actually written in a similar situation in Gillian’s own life. Balancing the pop chorus medley with piano-led instrumentals, Gillian carefully crafted a solid melancholic ballad that we can learn from.

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Photo Credit: Jenn Curtis

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