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Multi-Faceted Instrumentalist Chris Bell Drops “Division Street” New Folk/Hard Rock Album

We don’t’ often have a chance to check out an artist who has quite a lengthy career like today’s pick. This time we are up visiting our Northern neighbors and checking out “Whispering Town”, the latest single from the talented musician Chris Bell. Creating music since the late 90s, Bell was introduced to the Canadian indie scene in his high school years while performing with his post-hardcore band Chore. Growing as a musician over his Chore career, Bell later ventured into the solo world after three studio albums with the band. Temporarily leaving post-hardcore behind, Bell’s solo career took a more folk-inspired approach to explore other avenues of his wide spectrum of musical interests. With Chore disbanding in 2004 and Alive and Living forming out of the ashes, Bell continued to actively record and perform music. Now currently recording and touring as a bassist with the Canadian rock band Wintersleep, Chris Bell continues to prove that he can run the gambit and adapt to whatever musical genre you through him in.

With quite a curving path behind him, Bell’s journey has led him to his latest project Division Street. Completely self-produced, the album is a fantastic example of Bell’s evolution as a musician and explores the multiple facets of Bell’s musical identity. Constantly bouncing back and forth between folk and hard rock, Division Street is an audible adventure for fans of all sub-genres of rock music. Just give a listen to the album’s latest single, “Whispering Town”, and you will understand exactly what we mean. Opening with a solemn piano intro that fades into Bell’s expert guitar world, “Whispering Town” is an elegant piece to just sit back and vibe along to.

Make sure you check out “Whispering Town” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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