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Americana Musician Downtown Mystic Serves As a Rock’n’Roll Sherpa Through New Album “Better Day”

Americana may be a slowly dwindling genre, but our newest featured artist gives us hope that it is actually on the rise. This week we found the brilliantly talented musician Downtown Mystic and his most recent album Better Day. Better known as Robert Allen, Downtown Mystic is determined to bring vintage jams from the 50s, 60s, and 70s back into the mainstream. Drawing from rock n roll greats like Tom Petty, The Eagles, and Bruce Springsteen. Downtown Mystic easily channels the Americana sound that we grew up with. Essentially our rock n roll guru, Downtown Mystic takes us along a rich journey down rock n roll memory lane, and we couldn’t help to be pleased with the adventure.

Coming off plenty of critical acclaim from his previous album Rock’n’Roll Romantic back in 2016, Better Day has been teased throughout 2019 and finally dropped in early 2020. The album’s title track, “Better Day”, sets the tone incredibly early on with a ray of positivity and glee that shines past the expert guitar work. The single and album feature rhythm and back up instrumentals from musician Ian Hunter’s Rant Band, pushing forward the narrative that rock’n’roll is a collective effort, just like how Tom Petty was simply enhanced by The Heartbreakers. If you need a refreshing blast from the past, Downtown Mystic needs to be on your radar.

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Downtown Mystic

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